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    Eucaryota : Opisthokonta : Metazoa : Bilateria : Protostomia : Spiralia : Gnathifera : Syndermata : Rotifera : Flosculariacea : Flosculariidae
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Ptygura longicornis

Rotifer on a Java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) filament. Mucilaginous sheath (arrow), corona (double arrowhead), lateral (ventral) antennae (arrowhead), showing clearly one of the numerous and very long setae attached to the tip (piston) of an antenna (double headed arrow). Scale bar indicates 100 µm.

Sample from a tropical freshwater aquarium. Sampling date 3/2023. The image was built up using several photomicrographic frames with manual stacking technique. Images were taken using Zeiss Axioplan with Olympus OM-D M5 MKII.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: Tropical freshwater aquarium  
Latitude: 54.3018013     Longitude: 10.07120132

Rädertier auf Javamoos (Taxiphyllum barbieri). Dargestellt ist die Gallerthülle (Pfeil), Corona (Doppelpfeilspitze), seitliche (ventrale) Taster (Pfeilspitze). Eines der sehr langen Tastfäden ist deutlich zu sehen, die an der Spitze der Taster (Doppelkopfpfeil) befestigt sind. Der Messbalken markiert eine Länge von 100 µm.

Probe aus einem Süßwasseraquarium. Datum der Aufsammlung: 3/2023. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Axioplan, Kamera: Olympus OM-D M5 MKII.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Multi-layer image (DOF)
Ptygura longicornis
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