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    Eucaryota : Archaeplastida : Chloroplastida : Streptophyta : Zygnemophyceae : Zygnemophycidae : Desmidiales : Closteriaceae
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Closterium incurvum

This phase contrast picture shows the two chloroplasts with a pyrenoid each, the nucleus at the center of the cell and the characteristic fine grits in the vacuoles at both apexes. The scale bar indicates 25 µm.
Sample from a pond on the island of Hiddensee (Baltic Sea, Germany). Images were taken using Zeiss Universal with Olympus C7070 CCD camera.

Image under Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).

Place name: Pond Suploch, Hiddensee (Germany)  
Latitude: 54.538638     Longitude: 13.097802

Dieses Phasenkontrastbild zeigt die zwei Chloroplasten mit je einem Pyrenoid, den Kern in der Mitte der Zelle und die charakteristischen feinen Körner in den Vakuolen an beiden Spitzen. Der Messbalken markiert eine Länge von 25 µm.

Probe aus einem Teich auf Hiddensee. Mikrotechnik: Zeiss Universal, Kamera: Olympus C7070.

Creative Commons License V 3.0 (CC BY-NC-SA).  

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Portrait (Phako)
Closterium incurvum
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