Observations on

Nuclearia simplex Cienkowsky 1865

Most likely ID: n. a.

Synonyms: n. a.

EOL Phylogenetic tree: Nuclearia simplex


Nuclearia simplex on Java moss (Taxiphyllum barbieri) filaments from a freshwater aquarium


Fig. 1: Nuclearia simplex in the final stage of binary fission. Nuclei and pseudopods ar depicted. Curved pseudopods are typical for nucleariid amoebae. Scale bar indicates 50 µm.


Fig. 2: Nuclearia simplex after binary fission with a thin plasma thread that still connects the two cells. The upper cell caught flagellate of the species Goniomonas truncata. Scale bar indicates 25 µm.




Nuclearia simplex in the bog “Moor bei Kaltenhof” near Kiel
(Schleswig-Holstein, Germany)

The images below show three optical sections through a cell. Note the form of the pseudopodia, the
nucleus, mitochondria and the contractile vacuole. They are marked with arrows as an example:
blue (pseudopodia), orange (mitochondria), brown (contractile vacuole), green (nutrition vacuole),
black (nucleus).


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